Is Your Church Wasting Money?

It’s easy for your church’s budget to begin leaking money.

Like anything in life, if you don’t frequently monitor your church’s financial resources, your church’s budget plan will start to drift. In other words, you’ll wind up losing cash or overspending money.

To help your church prevent squandering money, here are 4 essential areas in your spending plan you’ll require to watch on to make certain you’re stewarding your financial resources well.

1. Staffing

Staffing costs will be the most significant expense for your church.

How does your church’s spending plan compare to this benchmark?

Do your staffing expenses inhabit less than 33% of your church’s budget? If so, then you have space to grow by adding new employee, increasing incomes, or you can keep things as they are.

Do your staffing costs go beyond 45% of your church’s spending plan? If so, then it might be time to reevaluate your workers budget.

Now, before you get overtly distressed, I’m not speaking about letting people go just for the sake of saving cash. In specific circumstances, this might be essential. However I can’t state whether or not that holds true for your church sitting at my computer system writing this post.

As you do assess your personnel costs, here are a couple of things to remember:

Review your staffing expenses every year at a minimum
Examine vacated positions to see if you need to rehire somebody
Consider working with agreement workers for specific tasks or virtual assistants
Utilize volunteers to help with the work of your ministry
Make certain your staffing reflects what’s best for your church
One last thought of staffing:

If your staffing costs go beyond 45%, don’t do anything drastic without including your leadership, looking for counsel, checked out Bible verses about making decisions, and pray.

2. Building and centers

The 2nd largest line product in your spending plan is your structure and facilities.

Referring back to the spending plan benchmarks observed by AG Financial Solutions, the money you spend on your centers– consisting of, energy, insurance, telephone, Internet, and repair work– ought to vary between 25-30% of your church’s spending plan.

If you invest more than 30% of your church’s budget on your tenancy expenses, there’s a great chance you’re losing money.

Prior to you choose to sell your structure, find a more economical lease, or turn off your telephone services, there are a number of ways you can lower expenses, including:

Reduce your residential or commercial property insurance or tenants insurance coverage premium
Lower your phone (consisting of mobile) services or request a minimized rate
Increase your thermostat throughout the summer
Reduce your thermostat throughout the winter season
Usage programmable thermostats
Change ineffective light bulbs
Change your windows
Analyze your devices and HEATING AND COOLING system
Consider refinancing your church’s home loan
Decrease your rent or locate to a more economical alternative
From just how much you spend on energies and insurance to your church’s mortgage or lease, this list of actions will help you to get started with conserving your church money.

3. Office expenses

Another significant expense for your church are your workplace costs.

As a line item in your budget plan, your workplace expenditures shouldn’t exceed 10% of your budget.

Below this umbrella of expenditures consists of:

Computer systems
Office devices
If I were a gambling guy, I ‘d wager you spend more on printing than you recognize.

There’s a great chance your church literally prints a lots of paper.

Think about every file you send out to your printer:

Sales brochures
Preaching notes
Satisfying programs
And … bulletins
I comprehend bulletins are a sacred cow for lots of churches, and I likewise value that lots of churches use bulletins as a guide to their worship service liturgy.

I’m not stating you require to erase printing publications as an expenditure in your spending plan. But it would be a good idea to ask yourself these concerns:

How much are we presently spending on printing bulletins?
Has this expenditure increased or decreased throughout the years?
How can we reduce this expense– e.g., color versus black and white?
Can we limit the number of bulletins we print?
Can we incorporate digital aspects to supplement or replace publications?
You may not have an issue with spending extreme amounts of money on printing church bulletins. However exist other line items in your workplace expenses you can examine to see if you can reduce your expenses?

4. Marketing

Just how much cash does your church spend on marketing?

If your church has actually been in existence for a number of years, then there’s a good chance you’re losing cash on your advertising.

Do you invest money on …

Business cards?


Ads in your regional paper?

Direct mailers?

Regional outreach events?

Digital marketing?

For some kinds of advertisement, such as direct mailers and events, you’ll incur significant expenses.

Now, on the one hand, if you’re reaching individuals with your promos, and you can justify the expenses, then invest away. On the other hand, if the cash you spend on marketing is not leading new individuals to connect with your church, then you require to reevaluate your strategies.

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Whether you’re examining your marketing efforts or you’re just beginning, among the most cost-efficient ways you can reach people in your neighborhood is with Facebook Ads.

On Facebook, you can reach people in your neighborhood, make brand-new connections, and draw people into your praise services for just $100.

Don’t believe me?

Brady Shearer of Pro Church Tools shares how one church of 150 invested $109 on Facebook Ads and got 241 new visitors. This is simply one example among numerous testifying to the power of Facebook Advertisements.

Over to you
Do you have a leaky church budget?

Are you wasting cash or overspending in other locations?

Put in the time to examine these line products in your spending plan:

Structure and facilities
Workplace costs
If you haven’t examined your church’s budget plan in rather some time, you’ll be able to recognize ways you can save money by looking at these 4 areas with a great tooth comb.

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